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Voltas Company
Defective or Faulty Products dispute
Refund claim
Complaint Details

We purchased a Voltas SAC  18VH EZO R with Stabilizer on 31/10/2018 costing Rs. 46,900/-.  The AC took few days to reach us and installation was done a week later. Within the first week of operation, the AC stopped working properly. The AC stops working on its own and fails to maintain the temperature of the room. We registered a complaint on 24/11/2018 with complaint no. 18112405151 we were hopeful that we would get speedy service. Surprisingly, not a single person has shown till date. 
We tried to email them as well as contact them by phone, however, they did not show up except giving false assurances. After 2 and a half months the Area Sales Manager comes with up a lame excuse that the part needed being unavailable was finally manufactured by the Voltas company. After coming in contact with the ASM we demanded a replacement instead of repairing as we do not trust their service department now. However, the ASM was reluctant on repairing without proper assurances.
After looking at their working behaviour and service departments we do not have any faith left on the company. The company has denied the replacement of the AC after two and a half months and is reluctant to repair the AC but unsure whether such a problem will not exist in the future. 
In order to prevent any problems in the future, we have sent a communication to the Company asking for a full refund.
We request help from the Consumer Affairs Department in getting us the refund claim so that we can have our hard earned money back. In addition, it will be a learning for such companies who do not take their customers and their warnings seriously.


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