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Fri, 22 Apr 2016 - MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE - Tamil Nadu
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Sundaram Medical Foundation Hospital Company
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Dear Readers,Please take a little time to read this incidents happened within our family. On June 23rd 2011 my wife was taken to Sundaram Medical Foundation (shortly called as "SMF") Anna nagar, Chennai at around 11pm due to a labor pain (this was our first child). She was immediately taken to the labor room and after observation she was told that only 50% of the labor pain have come hence you can go home and come back again when you have more pain, the time when they told us this was at 12.15 am. We have asked them to admit her and the reply from the duty doctor was, we have to see each other faces only so its better you go and come. My wife was terribly hurt and came back from the labor room and we went back home. The pain was severe and my wife was not able to tolerate, hence we started again from the home at 6am in the morning (24th June 2011). She was immediately taken to the labor room. After few hours we did not had any news from the labor ward and finally the doctor came and said the baby has died inside mothers womb. We have lost the most expected treasure in our life and the irresponsible idiots in the hospital have not taken any responsibility from their side for the cause of the death. If they would have admitted the previous day we would have been with my daughter now and it should be 1 1/2 years old. We would have enjoyed the motherhood and fatherhood like others.The reason why I'm complaining this after a year is, because a comparable incident happened in our family again. My sister went to SMF on 22 November 2012 to SMF due to a labor pain. She was admitted in the labor room at 11am. She was kept under the observation and said after an hour that she is doing fine, the doctor will attend her at 3.00pm. Since her labor pain is not full she have to wait until the doctor reports to work at 3.00pm. At 1.00pm we asked them how is she and the in-charge said that she is doing fine and not to worry. At 3.00pm when the doctor came and said that the baby had died inside the mothers womb the whole family waiting outside and went for a shock. The whole team inside the labor room was totally irresponsible and no one attended my sister properly. If they would have been responsible one more life would have been saved. We have logged a complain now against the doctors to the director of the SMF. We need justice. In my experience i would advice please do not trust and take to people to SMF. We believe ourselves that the doctors save lives. I'm not blaming all the doctors in the world. Due to doctors negligence we lost two lives in our family which is totally disappointing.Im writing this to all the readers to create awareness. This is my own personal experience with SMF


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