Claim is not provided in full and company is not responding.

Fri, 22 Apr 2016 - INSURANCE - Andra Pradesh
Harassed Consumer person
Andra Pradesh State
Star Health & Allied General Insurance Company
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Hi, I have maintained the complete mail trail showing the conversation directly and via Core also in this mail:> I have been following Start Health since a long and got no response. Even> when I asked for details of how the deductions are done and why less than> half payment is made, I found no details and replies to my emails and> phone calls.>> I have already submitted doctor''s letter via FAX from hospital itself as> requested by Star Health so as to releave complete payment. My concerned> Dr have already provided a letter stating that the medication and> hospitalization is done for infection which is not a pre-existing disease> (there were some confusions at Start Health regarding Pre-existing disease> and they asked me to send a doctor''s confirmation letter stating the> details of treatement).>> I got discharged on 9th Jan-2009 and thereafter I have been waiting for> response from Start Health, but nothing happened. I confirmed my doctor> (who treated me) and found that the treatement was not at all done for any> pre-existing disease, the urine infection got spread and reached kidney> and the treatement was done to remove the infection.>> Star Health also says that the anti-biotics used will not be paid, I am> not sure why? I never got any response back from Star Health Call Center> or mails.>> My Claim ID is: 20406, I have been in constant touch with customer care> for reconsideration of my hospitalization payments by Star Health, but am> still waiting for a reply. Please help me in doing so.> Hospitalization total bills were of Rs. 97, 507 (approx) and Star health> have paid 33, 000 and some change.> Waiting for a quick response.>> Employee of FCS-Hyderabad, > Employee ID: 1116>> Contacted following Start Health People> Please help me to get my claim that should be given for treatement (out of> Rs. 97507/- I had to make payment of approx Rs 64000/- with some change> amount from my pocket and Star Health Insurance has paid approx Rs.> 33000/- only, Insurance company assures for Pre and Post Hospitalization> claim payments as well but I am not even getting my Hospitalization> charges, forget about Pre/Post Hospitalization claims, even they informed> me that Anti-Biotics will not be paid and after submitting doctor''s> letter also they didn''t respond although they only asked me to get> doctor''s letter to get the payment.). Please Help/Guide me...>> Following is the mail trail that I have been following till now:Regards, Munish PantSubject : Complaints of MrMunish PantDear Sir, Kindly refer to our earlier, on the above subject.It is unfortunate that an organization of your repute has not responded till date to the complaint.We would request you to respond to this matter at the earliest and in case you have not received the earlier mail, kindly find the attached letter for your immediate action.We are confident, you will agree that resolving complaints is of great value and needs prompt attention and this will avoid unnecessary litigation.We hope you will treat this matter as most urgent and do the needful.Kindly mention the reference number given above, for any future correspondence with us.Thanking You,


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