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Mon, 16 May 2016 - REAL ESTATE - Delhi
Daksh person
Delhi State
SRR Homes Company
Credit Dispute dispute
Return claim
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Exceldwellings are basically run by cheaters from SRRHome. This company frequently changes names. Even SRR Homes is only 2 years old. Earlier it was some other name and some other office. Each time they change their name, they have some story to tell. I was an idiot to believe that story and invest my hard earned money with SRR Homes Preserve Project. The project I booked in was not progressing, but the marketing team kept on giving me false promises. They give incomplete documents and when you insist on getting proper documents, they just delay it. I was frustrated by this and I went and cancelled my booking, but they are not returning the money. Each time I ask, they just extend it by one week and promise that the money will be delivered in next week. This is going on for more than 6 months. Now they have changes the name to Excel dwellings as they know that many of their customers will be going for legal case against them. With new name, they can insulate their money from any legal obligations. When you call their office numbers, and web site or office, you might get the false impression that they are good people to do business with. They also tell you that they were in this business for decades. But they were in different names and they cheated different people. When the issues became overwhelming, they just change the name and dump the customers. So stay away from these cheaters. I lost my money and will be going for legal options. I don't have much hope as they are experts in cheating. At least I should prevent them from cheating more people.


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