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Fri, 22 Apr 2016 - AIRLINES - Andra Pradesh
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I was booked in SG 708, BLR to Hyd on 21st Dec, The Scheduled dept was to be at 10.00. PM At 8.25 PM while on way to Airport I get a SMS that the flight is rescheduled to 11.15 PM. At the check in the staff lacked energy and they were just doing a task. Not even bothered to answer why SMS could not be sent earlier if there were delay. At 22.10 another SMS that the flight is now at 23.45!. Wonder why the staff at gate could not just say that the flight is yet to take off from Hyd yet. Some clear co-traveller found this out and then there was mayhem. The staff were rude, non obliging and adamant that they are not wrong on any count and not accountable! When the crowd was become unruly, they got their'operation manager' who was an apology. After a delay of 2 hours, and with a lot of haggling, they arranged for some food. This has to be consumed at the mercy of the food counter guys who thought we are ravaged and famined. None of the Spice jet guys were around to assist. Finally the flight landed from Hyd at 12.30 AM on 22nd, boaring complete at 01.00 Hrs and landed at 2.00Hrs. No one had an iota of apology or concern for the passengers. As though it was ok to be harsh and late, all of us were served a discount coupon of 1000.00 for next travel. Can you believe.they still expect public to fly them!The flight was at Varanasi at 7 PM, and it was a Varanasi>Hyd>BLR>Hyd routing. Spice jet could have acted more responsible and committed to service, by informing Bangalore passenger on this delay much before. Least people would not have to come to airports early to wait eternally for the elusive flight.Why don;t the airline learn what is customer service? Pathetic and an apology to Indian tradition of hospitality.


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