Fraud Recruitment Agency, Refund my Rs. 13,800/-

Fri, 16 Sep 2016 - JOBS - West Bengal
Ataullah person
West Bengal State
JOBS Industry Company
Scam dispute
Refund claim
Complaint Details

Dear sir/madam, I am here to log a complaint against and its management for their FRAUD and Cheating services and not fulfilling their promises which they made to me. At first their executive or a lady staff she called me and informed about a job opportunity in Dubai with a big company called "Arabian Construction Company". And this service will be 100% Secured for me. Just I have to pay 4025 Rupees as their refundable registration fee and after paying this fees they will directly send me to Dubai for interview and the expenses will be borne by the company. When I paid the 4025 registration fee again they asked me to pay 9775 rupees for interview tracking fee and after so much argument I paid the above amount which is refundable in any situation. After few days they conducted a fake interview call and said that i am completed successfully. And then again they asked me to pay another payment for around 10,000+ but I could not pay the amount I said that I cannot pay any money any more. If you can, you can continue with my resume other refund my paid amount of 13,800 Rupees. But they refused to refund and disconnected the call and I sent an email but they did not reply me. Now I want to get the money refunded to me.


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