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Tue, 03 Mar 2020 - MANUFACTURER - Uttar Pradesh
Manoj Kumar Tyagi person
Uttar Pradesh State
Sleepwell Mattresses Company
Defective or Faulty Products dispute
Compensation claim
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Harassment / Fraud by Sleepwell & Dealer This is to bring to your notice about harassment & stress, we have faced for 1.5 months after buying  Sleepwell Mattress of 8” inches from Kamdhenu Dealer in Sector 75, Noida in Jan 2020. The Mattress has not been in use since the day it was delivered on 18th Jan. A  6” inch mattress was given to me stating it as 8” inches. We complained to dealer on the same day about the width. Complaint number 138504 was logged. Dealer did not help us in getting the replacement for mattress. Instead, insisted on getting it verified through Sleepwell. The person (Sumit) who attends complaints of customer in Noida region was of rude Behaviour, Rigid, Cunny and tried to showcase it as 8”inch mattress by doing measurements in a false/tricky way. We complaint about it and requested that a comparison be done with same model 6” inch & 8” inch mattress and another technician should be sent for verification , but our bad luck the customer care also did not entertain us properly.  With same style of measurement (the way Sumit did), I also did the comparison of same model Mattress measuring 6”inch at dealer shop & my so called 8” inch mattress. Both were measuring same.  I dropped email to Customer care with all necessary photographs and evidences. However, customer care also behaved as if it is my fault. I requested for another technician person to visit, but was forced by customer care to accept that only the same person (Mr Sumit) can visit and he will not do a comparison with 6 inch mattress. This clearly shows their intent. Seeing no choice, I had to accept it. Meanwhile I asked Dealer to send the 6 inch mattress model to my home for side by side comparison. Initially, Dealer was hesitant, but after several phone calls finally he agreed. Mr Sumit (technician from Sleepwell) came again with his same style of Cunny Behaviour and wrong way of measurements. We requested that 6 inch same model mattress is also available to check whether the measurements are same for both 8 inch & 6 inch model, but he bluntly refused for comparison. This clearly shows the wrong intent of Sleep well and its technician. He measured the purchased mattress to be 8”inches on both occasions, which is purely a FALSE claim. He was in constant touch with Dealer in dealing the complaint. Both Dealer & Sumit due to their wrong deeds have claimed a 6” inch mattress to be 8”inch mattress. I kept saying from the first day that wrong mattress has been delivered to me, but due to Collusion between Customer care, Dealer & technician Sumit the customer (me) has been fooled very intelligently. Seeing no respite from Sleepwell customer care & dealer, I visited several other sleepwell shops to find out another 8”inch mattress of same model. The 8”inch mattress at other shop had measurements which was far different from mattress delivered to me.  I have all the necessary pictures, Videos to claim myself correct, but there is no one listening in sleepwell. A classical example of Cast pearls before swine by Sleepwell. I would request people not to buy Sleepwell mattress otherwise you will also face same ordeal.


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