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Fri, 22 Apr 2016 - REAL ESTATE - Maharashtra
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To, Date: 4th November 2013Ravi Puravankara, Puravankara Projects Limited130/1 Ulsoor Road, Bangalore 560042Subject: Cancellation of Booking of Flat No. HC-304 in Puravankara Whitehall and refund of booking amount.Dear Mr. Ravi, I had booked a flat in Purva Whitehall on 2nd of Sept under a subvention scheme. The scheme was offered to me after RBI directive, 26th August, on cancellation of all subvention schemes. I was asked to give a back dated cheque for 30th August amounting to Rs. 305, 000/-. The total cost of the flat was given to me as Rs. 143, 88, 144/-. This cost included Flat cost (basic cost + 1 covered car park), 1 additional open car park, KPTCL/BWSSB charges, club house charges, VAT and registration. This excluded the advance maintenance charges. At the time of booking I was told clearly that entire booking amount will be refunded if the subvention scheme does not work out and if I decide not to proceed with the deal.Additionally at the time of booking, I had clearly indicated that some of the terms and conditions in the booking application were not acceptable as they put me under potential financial risk. I had suggested some changes (I still have the copy of this application form with me) which was not signed by Purva stating that standard format cannot be changed. I was also informed that unless I am satisfied and we finally enter into agreement, my entire booking amount will be refunded.After several follow ups I was informed that the application could not be processed under the subvention scheme. Following this I had informed to cancel the booking on 12h August by an email. No response was given by Puravankara to my email. After several calls made by myself to Puravankara, I was told that Puravankara is working out an alternate scheme. On 14th Sept, I received a mail from puravankara with the brief on new scheme. I was not happy with the scheme and had asked for cancellation of the booking.On 20th Sept I received a detailed email after a discussion with Mr Vinay Gupta elaborating the alternate scheme. Following this mail, again I had sent a mail for cancellation of booking. Despite this, on 22nd of sept I directly received 2 copies of executed agreement to sale and agreement to construction. I was not provided the draft versions of those agreements for review prior to execution. There were several clauses in both these agreements which were not acceptable to me.The agreement had been executed by Pravankara without any consent from me and it was made like feit accompli. Till date the property documents have not been shared with me to get verified by a lawyer for the legal status of the project. All this should have been done prior to execution of the agreements.Now I find that both the agreements are heavily in favour of Puravankara and protect only your interest with utter disregard for my interest. There are several clauses which were not disclosed to me before, are not acceptable to me as they would put my interest at risk if things don't work out. I was clearly informed by Mr Ajay (GM) that Purva will not change any of the clauses and the agreement is standard. In addition, on 26th Sept I received a new cost break up for the flat and the price had increased to Rs 145, 71, 329. This new price did not include the second open car park but included the advance maintenance charges. I had communicated clearly that the price increase is not acceptable and also communicated that the second car park has to be committed up front as was discussed at the time of booking. Puravankara refused to commit the second car park which was against the understanding that had taken place at the time of booking.I had on multiple occasions communicated to cancel the booking, to which no response was given. I received a communication in this regards after several follow ups on 30th October stating that purva will deduct Rs, 1 lac and stamp paper charges and refund the remaining amount. Also, there is no firm commitment from Purva on the date by which I can get my booking amount refunded. This is highly unprofessional and is not acceptable to me as the deal has fallen through because of multiple reasons and no fault of mine. In fact there have been calculation errors from Purva sales person, false promises and pathetic communication from Purva. Earlier, I used to consider Purva as a company with high Ethics and standards, after my recent experience, I am forced to think otherwise. I have been trying to get in touch with Mr. Ajay and have requested for Mr. Anand Narayanan's number to ressolve this issue, unfrotunately there has been no response from Purva again. I request you to look in to this matter refund the booking amount in full without any deductions. Thanking youAnand Khedkar1F101, Akme harmonyOuter Ring roadBellandurBangalore 560103.c. Mr.Ashish Puravankara-JMD, Mr.Nani R.Choksey-Dy.MD, Mr.Jackbastian K.Nazareth-CEO, Mr.Anup Shah, Mr.RVS Rao, Mr.Pradeep Guha, - Independent Directors.


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