Online Consumer Complaint Against N.N Hospital, Tambaram,Chennai - Verbally abused a pregnant woman

Fri, 22 Apr 2016 - MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE - Tamil Nadu
Harassed Consumer person
Tamil Nadu State
N.N Hospital Company
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We had the worst experience in life...N.N doc A.M.Suba is a money puller...targets preg woman...her tests will cost u 200/- to 500/- more than other labs...she will not accept if u want to get the test done outside...she refuses to comment on the reports if u get the tests done on ur own..she misbehaves with those who try to ask questions about her treatment...she thinks patients have no right to question her...she has no control on what she is talking when she is angry...she behaves like an illiterate woman..she doesnt look professional..boasts a lot about her VIP patients it is obvious that she became a doctor to earn money and not serve people so definitely she will have VIPs as patients who dont care about how much she demands for each test...definitely her treatments and unnecessary tests will drill a hole in pockets..

I am an eye witness to her behaviour with a pregnant woman and her family...she also has a complaint registered against her in Tambaram police station for verbally abusing a pregnant woman and asking her to get out just because she wanted to know if the scan reports are normal..that woman was shivering and confused...i couldnt believe a doctor treating a woman like this...i have heard her shouting at the womans husband that his wife is a PSYCHO...and needs a psychiatrist...i couldnt believe my eyes...according to her every other doctor is inexperienced and she has a foul respect for other doctors and patients...all she cares about is her profit...BE CAREFUL BEFORE ITS TOO LATE...if u dont believe just tell her we dont want to do the tests here we will get it done whereever we want and see how she reacts.mostly she gets her reports from Hitech labs which is nearby but if u go to the hitech lab itself u will see she is demanding 200-500 rs more than the lab itself...we have literally saved 700/- by getting the tests done directly in hitech labs instead of her clinic.


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