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Fri, 22 Apr 2016 - MATRIMONIAL - Bihar
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Hi, My self is Avinash and I am working executive of TATA Group. I need your help and support to resolving this issue which I have experienced and trapped by fake services rendering by company called Community Matriony.com On afternoon I was working in my office and suddenly I got a call from one girl name was Arpita Das working executive of Community Matriony.com from Kolkata office and the number was saying that my matrimonial profile has been very much attractive and lots of girls are wanting to have in touch with you and assured me 100% services shall be provided after becoming a premium member of community matrimony. After talking to her I said let me think & decide whether this service will be beneficial for me or not and then I will tell you about my decision for becoming a premium member. But after a few days she started calling me thrice in a day and all the time she was saying that Sir, please avail this service and I promise you that you will surely will get benefited after becoming a premium member on it and I also assure you that I will always be there for providing any help and support whenever you shall be having the requirement pertaining to this community matrimony, if you wish then you can note down my personal contact numbers so that you can have a faith on me and after becoming a premium member I will be your relationship manager who will look after your profile to finding a perfect match as per your desire. Finally I got convinced after hearing all these things committed by her and promise as well as several services which she would actually offered me after becoming paid member. She said you just go online in your laptop and I will activate the discount amount on your ID and follow my instruction and I did exactly the same whatever she said for making the payment. I made the payment as she said of Rs.4090 and opted the services of premium member but after becoming premium member as well as making all the payment she said congratulation sir now onwards i.e tomorrow morning I will make one folder into your profile whereas you will have your perfect match and you will easily select your life partner as per your wish but when I logged in my matrimonial profile I didnít find anything and when I called her on personal number then she didnít pick up my call nor have given any reply. After few days when I again called her on her personal number then she said I am Arpita friends she is busy in some other call so I would convey your message and she will call you back after handling that customer call I said ok. But in the evening i.e today 20.02.14 around 7pm when I called her from my another number and asked that may I know to whom I am talking she said Arpita Das, , , , I got completely astonished and said thank you Arpita at least you said your true name and I said her about my profile that you remembered me who opted this service as per your false promises which you had made since one month back. She said no sorry, , , , , , , , , , , , so you can imagine that people like Arpita working with Matrimonial company like Community Matrimony are making fool to all innocent customer like us with her wrong & false commitments and also destroying the image of such a brand company in the field of matrimonial site industry.She must be thrown out or terminated or punished by company senior officials like Community Matrimony. Dear all, please go ahead and convey or spread this message to all innocent customer like me and put this to an end. They are the fraud services offering and making fool to all innocent people. I will do all that I can not just to get my money but to put their business to an end and peoples like Arpita Das should be fired from the company like Community matrimonial as soon as possible so that all innocent peoples can be saved from getting cheated by this kind of fraud people. Therefore, It is my humble request to you please look into the matter and do justice with me.At the end I would say be aware about the services offering by Community Matrimony and all the executives working with this company they may call you at any time to availing the premium services and you will get trapped or betrayed after making the payment because they are not going to serve you as a customer for which you will paid the money. It clearly seems that the value system of this company as well as they donít recruit the right people for their company.Jago Grahak jago!!!


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