Medical Negligence of Lady Harding Hospital

Fri, 22 Apr 2016 - MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE - Delhi
Harassed Consumer person
Delhi State
Lady Harding Hospital Company
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My sister is admitted in one of the oldest and reputed Govt Hospitals of Delhi, at least that is what the impression i had until this morning when i visited her and found the Medical interns not more than 21 years old misbehaving with the patients and their family members including my sister and my family and several others like us.They were using phrases like "If she'll keep jumping around obviously she would feel pain".(I failed to understand which patient is in a condition to jump around when they're admitted in a hospital)They were making disgusted looks to elderly patients who were throwing up because of the medicines, shouting at them for no reason and putting injections as if they're no human and they don't feel any pain.Last night when my mother took my sister to the washroom the men who work there as cleaners were following them and that raises a HUGE question against the security of women admitted in this hospital, and when we complained to the nurses they were blaming us taking their sides.I really want to raise this question to the higher authorities of "Lady Harding" that if these interns and the junior staff are so frustrated with their jobs then why are they still working there?Do they think people who come there for treatment are on their mercy?If they really think this way then i believe they are sadly mistaken because everyone has the equal rights to use the facilities provided by Government and they are not the ones paying for any expense from their own pockets.Plus if you're in this field then the first step is to be human and never to forget that you can also be a patient and you can also be in same condition as the person you're treating that way, Heaven and Hell everything is here and we design our fate with our deeds and today i dont know how many times i have cursed these people for this kind of behavior.HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED AND OUTRAGEDKaran Kashyap


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