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Fri, 22 Apr 2016 - AUTOMOBILES - Delhi
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I bought the i20 Elite Sportz (O) 1.4 CRDI on 6th September, 2014 from Sunrise Hyundai Pvt Ltd. I started using the vehicle properly only in October as I went to Canada for some official purpose on 14th September. In early November, I faced a problem which is unheard of. Vehicleís front AC vents stopped functioning and the only vents from which the air was coming was the front defogger irrespective of the setting. I have a video also made for the same issue as Sunrise people didnít believe me for the first time I told them. I got it repaired from an electrician only to see that the issue has relapsed. If I were lucky, then the front blowers would work at random times. After a while it became worse and never worked. This time an actuator was replaced. There would be record in the system of the change. I was assured this time again that issue is resolved. Like the last time, within a week the same issue happened with the AC. Since winters were there, I didnít use the AC and since I was very busy with my office, thought I would get it resolved when I give my car for service. I still went to the Sunrise service center and intimated them about the problem at that time. On 22nd February 2015, I had my second service and reminded about the problem. It got resolved again, only to happen AGAIN with in a 10 days this time. 4-5 days back I gave my car for repair and they have changed the actuator again. As of now the problem hasnít reoccurred but this time the AC when kept on internal air circulation mode is getting the outside stinking air inside the car. This is so disheartening that after spending almost 8.5 Lac on a premium hatchback such a basic fault is there in the car which doesnít even happen in the cheapest car on road. I have visited the service center atleast 5-6 times for same issue. Moreover, this time I had asked Sunrise to do the pickup and drop of the car and asked them to clean also. I know there are several scratch marks on my car bumpers and I know each of them. Once my car was delivered, there was a fresh scratch mark on the rear right side bumper. Why I can say is fresh because the car was washed and cleaned and such a mark would fade away in a wash. The story doesnít end here. I had my Tommy Hilfiger Goggles in the goggle box, which I forgot to remove as they were not visible while clearing the car before the pickup. I know it is advised to remove the loose items from the car but it doesnít give anybody a right to steal anything from the car if anything is left behind. Hyundai should inform the customer and even before than should themselves check if the car is clear of loose items or not. This is a sort of customer service and trust Hyundai is carrying. I trust neither the quality of the car nor the quality of the service provided. It is the first time I bought any Hyundai car and the impression hasnít been so good. I am being forced to go into the social media and actually enlighten others that it is really waste of money to buy such poor quality cars. Avnish Kaushik¬†


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