Harassed consumer of Himagiri Hospital

Fri, 22 Apr 2016 - MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE - Andra Pradesh
Harassed Consumer person
Andra Pradesh State
Himagiri Hospital Company
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I am writing this complaint about the real situation in Himagiri Hospital, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Though the hospital looks decent and clean, I have never seen such rude and incompetent doctors ever. My wife was admitted here for a not so severe case of diarrhea at 5:30 in the morning. They moved her from casualty to general ward within minutes of being admitted and the service of nurses and doctors after being moved was 'heart-breaking'. Her situation did not improve by afternoon and by 8:30 in the night, her condition was very serious. 1. Every time we call the nurse or doctor for something, they take their own sweet time to respond.2. There was a time when she was given some medicine after which she started shivering uncontrollably for atleast 10 minutes, the doctors only said that this is normal, don't worry. 3. Then she started talking in weird way, screaming, shouting, laughing and kicking everything.4. And then i had to shout for doctors help, there were two doctors who came and had a look and left within 5 minutes. I literally begged them to stay at least for 10-15 mins for which one of them said "i have many emergency cases to look after, not only yours". Also other doctor was asking if we had any relationship problem. Seriously ? is that the question to ask the patient at that time? 5. When the situation became out of control, we decided to move her to apollo, the doctors started behaving very arrogantly and told to stop all medication right away without any consideration of her situation and left the room 6. There was one nurse whose name I unfortunately do not know who stayed back with her and gave her oxygen due to which she lives today.7. After moving her to Apollo, Jubilee Hills, her condition improved within 2 hours and she got discharged within 1 day. I request all of you to let people know about the environment in Himagiri hospitals and refrain from going there.


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