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Fri, 15 Jul 2016 - ECOMMERCE - Delhi
manish kumar person
Delhi State
Exportersindia Company
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  Dear Sir,   This is to  inform you that i  got this sellers numbers from exporter india ( 1800-123-4520 and they gave me this vendors contact , and then i orderd them goods of Rs, 19680 and he took rs. 10000 cash(as Advance) from me and even asked for more money but at that time i was only having RS. 10000 cash in hand which i gave it to him and told him that rest amount of Rs. 9680/ i will transfer it tomorrow, i asked him for the receipt of Rs.10000 them he told me he don't have receipt book right now i will give to you the complete bill of  Rs.19680 in a day or 2 at the time of delivery of goods.i have the URL no of the payment made to him online but i don't have cash receipt of RS.10000 as the vendor/ Supplier did not provide it to me, but i have the invoice copy raised by the vendor of RS. 19680.    the vendor was unable to provide me the goods and when i use to call hiim he says kindly give me some more time but its high time now ( approx 2 month now and now i think he is fooling  me regarding the same and he even stop picking up my phone call.  kindly do the needful and please arrange my refund or ordered goods as soon as possible, attaching the necessary documents and vendor details, u can even call me at my number for any query


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