Harassed consumer of ESIC hospital - Misbehaviour by sr. dr.

Fri, 22 Apr 2016 - MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE - Delhi
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Dear Sir,

There is a doctor called dr. Pawar in Thane ESIC hospital, I guess he is the head of the doctors in the hospital. He talks to petients in very bad manner, he treats petients very badly. My father visited hopital few months back for his tratment (he is paralysis petient) and dr. Pawar was on duty. My father told dr. Pawar that he is feeling weakness and even he got faded some days back while in que in hospital. Dr. pawar shokingly replied that " to main kya karoon". this kind of insensitiveness is not expected from a sr. doctor in this kind of hospital.
my sister is also hospitalises in same hospital and same doctor ask as to why she got admitted because of only fever and vomitting despite knowing that she is suffering from maleria and she has not recovered the illness and she is lot of troubles because of maleria. When she said that she was having fever yesrterday, doctor says that why it is not entres in their case paper. Is it petient's responsibility to get it entred in the case paper??
Dr. Pawar talks very rudely to any petients, even petients hesitate to consult him whwnever he sits in OPD. He expect that all petients should sit properly when he visit to them in wards. My sister told me that a very old lady who is not able to sit doctor told him to sit and sit properly, though it is very much visible that she is very old and very weak to sit.
Even hospital staff is also fed up with his tantrums but nobody dares to talk against him.It is heared that he got transfered some time back but he came back to same hospital because of his influnce.
Is anybody going to take any action on Dr. pawar??


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