Fraud by Dream4Naukri

Wed, 18 Jan 2017 - JOBS - Maharashtra
Bhanu kafley person
Maharashtra State
JOBS Industry
Dream 4 naukri Company
Scam dispute
Refund claim
Complaint Details

Dear Dream4Naukari Team,  Last Two months ago I had received call from Dream4naukari side, As per discussion with Mr. Nilesh Jain (Executive Dream4 naukari) My Resume is selected for TATA Motors & Volkswagen. But for interview process I have to Complete register process of Dream4Naukari then I will be get interview call from Dream4naukari.They committed to me they will provide interview call till I didn’t get JOB. So I completed process & paid 2530/- amount dated 15/10/2016. After 3 week when I called with Nilesh jain, again Dream4naukari demand 7423/- amount for Verification charges to certify my all document. This charges was refundable so I paid 7423/- dated 18/11/2016. After 3 week when I called with Nilesh jain, again Dream4naukari demand 10178/- amount for E-Profile register which mandatory so again I paid 10178/- dated 25/11/2016. These charges also refundable. After Two week when I asked for interview called with Mr. Nilesh jain then he said all process completed TATA motors team try to call me but my phone not reachable. Meanwhile I have to pay E-Profile activation Charges for Interview call 16613/- Which is also refundable so after lot of debit I paid 16613/- dated 06/12/2016. Again after one week I enquired about for Interview called Mr. Nilesh jain transferred phone to Mr . Amit Jain who Senior of Nilesh jain, He said all process completed again I have to pay last payment which is also refundable 9775/- for Interview called . After lot of discussion & after lot of debit finally I paid 9775/- amount . Now Almost two month completed to start process but still I didn’t get any single call from TATA Motors or Volkswagen also refundable amount I didn’t get it. So it is request to you Pl take action as soon as possible otherwise I have to go in consumer Court.   Transactions List - AAKASH SURESH ZORE - 000501519285 S No.Value DateTransaction DateTransaction RemarksWithdrawal Amount (INR ) 315/10/201615/10/2016BIL/001061176847/NAUKARI REGISTER/2633945652530 1618/11/201618/11/2016BIL/001083122513/NAUKARI REFERANCE/2716605407423 1725/11/201625/11/2016BIL/001087664025/naukari/27349513510178 2606/12/201606/12/2016BIL/001097168673/NAUKARI/27652032516613 2913/12/201613/12/2016BIL/001102722280/final payment of nau/2786744829775 Total Cost 46519


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