Misbehaviour & Threatened by TPA desk

Mon, 21 Jan 2019 - MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE - West Bengal
Samiran Dutta person
West Bengal State
Disha Eye Hospital Company
Unsatisfactory Services dispute
Repair claim
Complaint Details

Today my mother and my sister visited Disha eye hospital at Sheoraphuly. Appointment number is SHP19A12018. After the checkup, the doctor advised her to get the cataract operated on without further delay. So, they visited the TPA desk for discussing the packages for a cashless claim, because she is having medical insurance. I asked my mother to hand over the phone to the lady sitting at the desk so that I may facilitate the ease of explaining to her my mother's financial disposition.  First, they refused to speak with me saying that such a thing was not allowed. Which part is exactly is not allowed in explaining that my mother has medical insurance? Secondly, my mother asked the lady to explain to her the packages available. They only provided 1 sheet of paper where it was mentioned only the documents required for the operation and no brochure regarding the cost associated with the operation was provided. When they politely asked the lady to write on paper the operation costs, they replied they don't have the right to give anything written on paper. Apparently, it was not their job. So whose job is it, the doctor's? Then my mother and sister went to the cash counter to take care of the details of cash expenses.  After the incident, my mother called and explained what happened and how the people sitting at the TPA misbehaved with them. Then I tried to contact the TPA team but all their numbers mentioned on the hospital website are out of order. I, as a last resort, tried to call the hospital's reception and they were kind enough to transfer my call to the to TPA desk.  After that their behaviour just blew my mind. The shower of praises that I received from the one lady who dealt with my mother shall never be forgotten. I am sharing the recording of the conversation I had to provide the chance for others to listen. I hope it reaches the ears of the hospital management.  The lady literally threatened me saying that she has a video recording of my mother who didn't want the cashless claim. Over the conversation, one could hear how she just railroaded me and didn't even let me speak for one moment. She realised it was her mistake and so raised her voice in defiance trying to make me give up. Finally, she hung on me without letting me even speak. I am shocked at how the management can allow such disgusting, ill-mannered, unprofessional staff in such a good hospital. They insulted me, my sister, and my mother and belittled her by saying that I was an illiterate person in front of a crowd. Outrageous as it may sound, it is the absolute truth. She even said that I was disrespectful towards her as she was in a senior position and her chair had authority. But my mother was elder to her. She had no respect for my mother. How can she expect respect from anybody? I have heard that power corrupts, but this is kind of behaviour is absurd coming from just a Hospital staff. Is it not their duty to serve the ailing? And what treatment did my mother and sister receive? Is this the current scenario of medical services in our country? I share the evidence with a small message. If anybody can help me figure out that lady's identity then I would be thankful to you. I have already sent the same to the hospital authorities and the consumer forum. Also, I am taking a flight this Sunday to assist with my mom's operation.  Definitely from ANOTHER hospital and NOT in DISHA EYE HOSPITAL. 


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