Medical Negligence Of Chaitanya Hospital

Fri, 22 Apr 2016 - MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE - Chandigarh
Harassed Consumer person
Chandigarh State
Chaitanya Hospital Company
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Chaitanya Hospital - Sector 44 Chandigarh7:30PMI took my child (Buddie) to this hospital on Monday 27th July 2015, who suffered a cut on forehead due to fall while playing. Senior Staff (Mr Kishan) explained that my son needs sutures (stitches) for which he have to call on call a surgeon.The total expenses for same would be Rs.3000-4000 i said it is too much for stitches as last year i paid fee for stitches about couple of hundred (at different hospital)He said Rs.2000.00 is surgeon charge as we are giving good quality stitches (it is finer and soluble type and leave no scars) and then some medicine and hospital charge, its an idea we will consider at time of billing. I agreed..Then after surgeon was done with stitches he explained medicine i have to buy and come for dressing and stitches removal on 2nd Aug 2015. I was surprised that information given to me was for soluble stitches... I inquired Dr Ashish Dharmik about same he said traditional stitches are better than soluble ones and leave no scar. I did not doubted him, but at same time i addressed that mis-information was given to me. I find Dr siding his staff, which I mentioned him (I felt so).Then at billing counter they gave me lump-sum bill of Rs.3500.00 i said i want proper bill with break up, 1st they refuse to give then they try to give hand written on letter head (which I refused to accept). They took more then 45 mins in this process stil they do not produce bill to me also when i have already paid. I text entire concern to Dr Neeraj Kumar the Owner via whatsapp msg. he replied that i can collect bill tomorrow.Billing guy returned my money in cash and next day i went again and they gave me bill and i paid in cash again. The receipt they Give on 28th July 2015 was for a day prior with wrong time on it. I got bill as followsSurgeon Fee Rs.2000+Medicine Rs.500+Hospital Fee Rs.1000 =Total Rs 3500.00Now my complaint is as follows:1. The information given to me was wrong by hospital staff2. On my verbal complaint Dr Ashish Dharmik did not addressed my complaint or hear me well3. On my written complaint to Owner Dr Neeraj Kumar do not take any action4. Rs.3500.00 for stitches that took 7-10 mins is too much5. They kept me waiting for over 45 mins for bill and could not give till next day6. When i paid Rs 2000.00 for surgeon, Why I am being charged Rs.1000.00 extra as Hospital Charge and Rs 500.00 as medicine when hospital do not provide me any medicine.7. Emergency Visiting Charges for doctor as writing in Hospital Notice Board is Rs.900.00 than why they charged Rs 2000.008. . The receipt they gave me on 28th July 2015 was for a day prior with wrong time on it (27th July 2015 Time 4:51:37 PM). When my son got hurt at 6:45 pm on 27th July 2015 how they give me receipt of before time.I want my undue charged money back with compensation for the trouble i faced and breach of trust that hospital has given me (i am visiting hospital since birth of my child in 2007, who was born in same hospital)I wanted to highlight this as what may be happening to patient coming with serious problems.Gitesh Nigam


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