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Fri, 22 Apr 2016 - MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE - Tamil Nadu
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To May 08, 2015The Management and Administration, BHARATHIRAJAA SPECIALITY HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE, G.N Chetty Road, T’ Nagar, Chennai 600 017.Respected Members of the Management and Administration of BHATATHIRAJAA SPECIALITY HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE, Sub: Medical Negligence of nurses, substandard facilities, lack of sterile medical supplies, miserly use of medical products essential/ required for patient use. Violation of Patient’s Rights. I write this letter not as a complaint from a dissatisfied patient, but as an anguished, dismayed and pained Medical professional and collegue admitted as a patient to the Hospital run by yourselves - a public service for the health and well being to those seeking relief in physical distress.1. I came to the Emergency with Atrial Fibrillation on Sunday May 3rd. morning at about 11 am, met the Doctor concerned who asked whether I wanted to be admitted in hospital. I explained my physical condition and told him to connect with Dr. Manoj and do as advised. My temperature was not taken, my pulse was not checked. I was asked to wait for the nurse as she was busy with another patient. I waited for about 20-25 minutes, a nurse arrived and ECG taken. The nurse tried to insert the needle to start IV fluids but after 3 attempts to do so in my left wrist and not succeeding, she gave up. I was then admitted to the CCU. The necessary medical attention was given and I began to feel comfortable. I must say this was good- nurses and Doctor on duty was attentive and helpful. 2. IV connections were started one in my left wrist for use and another in my right forearm as standby. 3.Monday: All went well till 5.30 am on Monday morning. I was sleeping and was woken up to find the ayah disconnecting the I V connection on my left wrist. I questioned the ayah and reply was ‘to give you a sponge bath’ and quickly tried to reconnect the disconnected tube which was the tube for Cordarone infusion. I noticed a short while later that the infusion was leaking and immediately called the nurse, informed her and the IV infusion was shifted to the standby IV connection on my right forearm. I did not want to complain about the incident and told myself ’let ‘s get well and leave the hospital’ little realising that the shift in the position of the needle was due to the ayah’s interference with the drip .4.Dr. Manoj came for medical assessment. I was informed I could be shifted to the regular inpatient room. At about 11 am when I was being shifted to Room No 505, the I V needle had to be disconnected and reconnected after I was in the room. The attending nurse found it difficult to disconnect the tube due to a tight connection when the ward boy tried to intervene. I stopped him. When I was in the room 505, I noticed the IV connection was dislodged again in my right forearm and informed the nurse. I requested for a new connection as the remaining Cordarone(as per Doctor’s instruction) had to be used by 2pm) so kindly attend to it. She came in looked at both my hands and said, ’your veins are very thin’- I replied I am aware of it, but what needs to be done has to be done. She left the room and did not turn up. At 1 pm, I sent word, she came looked again at my wrists, said the same thing and left the room. At 1.30 pm I sent word again and asked for the dislodged needle to be removed and a new connection be given in order to comply with Doctor’s instruction. Removal was refused and the nurse did not come back as duties changed at 2pm. 5. A junior nurse came in at about 2.15 pm and asked, ’ have you taken your tablets?’I asked have you read the chart and what are the instructions on it? Do as indicated. She left the room saying, ’Patients tell us if they want or do not want the tablets, they take it on their own and we leave it to them so that is why I asked you and she left the room.6.I called for the nurse again at about 2.30 pm and asked what was happening to the IV connection. I gave an ultimatum, ’ if the connection was not removed and new connection given I was going to inform the Consultant.’ After about 15 minutes a senior nurse came in all excited, giving excuses and protecting the wrong doings of the nurses. She said she had spoken to the Consultant and an Anaesthetist and do the needful.The Cordarone infusion need not be reconnected. I informed the Anaesthetist of the delay in removal of thedislodged IV, and no attempt was made to remove it inspite of my many requests. I questioned on the need for putting a new IV in place when a dislodged needle is still kept in the patient’s forearm. I asked if the Hospital policy is to have a standby IV in place for patients then why is it between 11.30 am and 3.30 pm nothing was in place for an emergency except a dislodged needle. Of what use is an emergency IV stand by now? By this time a bulge - collection of fluid and blood at the needle site was visible in my right forearm and I asked him -how do you explain this?7.A new IV needle was finally inserted in my right hand .8..I demanded for the dislodged needle be removed. The nurse was instructed to remove the dislodged needle. While removing the dislodged IV needle almost 2 ml of blood flowed from the wound which is not an IV needle prick but a hole- like a small wound in my right forearm. I do not know what type of a needle was used in the first place for this to occur.9.Then taking a small connecting/joining tube the nurse wipes the blood from the old tube with stained cotton ball taken from her pocket and attempts to attach it to the new I V connection. I protested and did not allow it to be fixed.10.When Dr. Manoj came in for consultation at about 5.30 pm I decided to inform the Consultant of all the happenings.. An assisting nurse was present and was aware of concerns expressed. 11.By 7 pm the swelling on my right forearm increased, inflammation spread to my arm pit with severe itching. I called for the night nurse to attend. She abruptly said ‘it is the responsibility of the duty doctor’. I waited till 9 pm, called again to remind the nurse to inform the duty doctor who came after ½ hr.( I do understand delays occur due to other patients being attended, but patient needs to be informed.) She instructed for Thrombofob ointment to be applied and use of ice pack the pain was reduced but the flebitis spread. (While speaking to the Duty Doctor I came to know of gossip among the nurses regarding my concerns as the duty Doctor mentioned she had heard of it on other floors.)12. By the end of two days 9 attempts were made to insert IV needles, each attempt causing intense pain and loss of blood as I had also been on Heparin since my admission in hospital.13.On Tuesday 5th May, I was to be discharged. The same evening the Administrator came in. He saw at first hand the number of marks and the band aids stuck on my arms and hands .I did make it clear to him that this was medical negligence and will be taken seriously.14.Nursing care:I have expressed to the duty doctors that nursing care as experienced by me in the hospital is extremely poor and smacks of lack responsibility and negligence. Many of the nurses are inadequately trained, no supervision. It appears that they do what they want/think –right or wrong and there is no one to explain or correct them. (I myself have taught younger nurses how to take BP etc. when I was admitted on previous occasions, helped a senior nurse to read my chart and administer the medicines accordingly.)15.Sterile procedures are not in place in the wards, nurses walk the corridor floors with uncovered injection syringes, carry cotton and band aid in their pockets along with ball point pens, medicines are carried in bare hands, this and more are common practises among most of the nurses.16.There seems scant respect/ regard for a ‘noble profession of nursing’.Seriousness in patient care, carrying out instructions etc. is grossly lacking.Supervision is almost nil.( I wonder with the Doctors being busy at their work and trusting in the reliability of nurses entrust the lives of their patients to the care of nurses and rely on reports given –how many of the trusted nurses seriously carry out their duty and how many nurses fool the Doctors and administration by cooking up numbers and daily reports deliberately or not understanding requirements).There is certainly no handing over duty to the next group of nurses when change of duty takes place. (A few nurses have even told me that the Management instructed them not to be firm on patients as they would lose them).In my observation and experience : the 4 times I have been admitted The nursing at B R Hospital leaves much to be desired.17.Facilities: I bring to your attention the messy state of the bathroom in room- no 505.The wet and perhaps soaking of water from bathroom has stained/wet the roof of the bathroom above– rusted and dirty shower handle, dirty walls, several cracks in the basin.18.Room no 505 was not cleaned from the time I entered it on Monday morning. I informed the nurse that it was not swept, the Bath room was not cleaned, no disinfectant used from the time I entered the room 505. An ayah came in and swept the room and bathroom was not cleaned.19. The hospital lifts: garbage bags, patients, visitors, carrying of food from the canteen, patients on wheel chairs etc are all packed in the same elevator.20.Administration: For a 2 hour break to an attender the patient is called to sign a declaration taking responsibility for the absence – In such cases the hospital takes great care to protect itself. Myquestion is: Is There any record to be signed when a patient arrives at the hospital/ for the patient to protect him/herself from the negligence of the hospital? Why cannot this be used /introduced? Why should an institution protect itself but have a’ don’t care attitude’ towards patients except for the money to be paid in fees?21.In my case: Why was HIV TEST done without my knowledge and consent? It may be the policy of a hospital, but does that justify that the patient is not informed of the many blood tests required? Why was I kept in the dark of medical tests being carried out? If you have a declaration for an attender to leave the patient unattended for 2 hours, why does the hospital not have a similar declaration of information to the patient?22 What I have enumerated and experienced in 3 days are gross violations of a patient’s rights in particular and human rights in general.23 My question again is: Can a hospital absolve itself for its protection and treat patients with callousness amounting to neglect? 24 Will patients be heard / recognised if they make a valid complaint? 25 Can we expect better treatment in other hospitals or do we continue with a hospital that lacks sensitivity of being human, a human touch and a human face?26 We patients pay heavy sums of money as fees for almost every item availed of and even for substandard medical items even for what we have not used - Is this justified? I understand a profit is needed for any institution to be able to cover overheads etc, and function, I have a bill for items not used but was forced to pay or else I could not be released from hospital. With disgust I told my assistant throw the money in their face and leave.27 But my questions continue: do patients need to pay such heavy costs for services to keep an institution running in less than average ways?28 Do we pay heavy sums of money for being inflicted with additional pain and return home less relieved of our suffering because of uncaring and unconcerned attitude and behaviour of nurses, management and administration? 29 Are patients who come to the hospital in need of relief made to become victims of dysfunctional systems and technologically dominated structures? Are we forced to pay for items that are uselessly supplied and not used or not required to be used30 What I have enumerated are just some of my experiences of the last 3 days stay in your hospital.31 2. In all these experiences I hold the Hospital accountable for:32 1.Medical negligence in nursing care2.HEALTH IS A BASIC HUMAN AND UNIVERSAL RIGHT therefore what violates patient’s rights in particular are violation of human rights. 3.Excess payments being demanded for substandard, unhygienic and shabby and unsterile vulnerable to other diseases/infections due to shabby hospital facilities . I have also been an Administrator of a 200 bed facility at Leonard Hospital near Madurai for several years before switching my profession to become a Family Counsellor. I am well acquainted with hospital demeanor, ethics and decorum and I know what I am talking about and drawing your attention to.• I Wish to inform the Management and Administration that: 1). I expect a reply to this letter within 10 days of its receipt.2) I expect adequate compensation for the trauma inflicted on me both physically and mentally and gross negligence in nursing care amounting to medical negligence.3) Absence of sterile techniques when procedures are being carried out as in my case. Lapse of nursing responsibility by allowing a dislodged IV needle in my fore arm for almost 4 hours without removal and inspite of being requested. Failing in a reply and in meeting my demands I will be forced to have my grievances addressed in a Consumers court. All damages and compensations and whatever action follows will have to be met by the Administration and Management of Bharathirajaa Speciality Hospital and Research Centre within a stipulated time frame.Yours sincerely, Dr. Catherine Bernard.


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