NORTH DISTRICT GANG OF CHEATS INVOLVED IN CREDIT/DEBIT CARD FRAUD INVOLVINGONLINE SHOPPING BUSTED The police officers of PS Burarihave arrested 7 persons namely 1. Akash S/o Sh Rishipal R/o H.No.154, F Block,JJ Colony, Sec-3, Dwarka, Delhi 2. Pardeep Bhagat S/o Ashok Bhagat R/o D-254,DCM Colony, Nathupura, Delhi 3. Ramesh Pal S/o Prem Raj R/o WZ-3359, RajouriGarden, Delhi 4. Raju Madrasi S/o Sh Soma Sundaram R/o H.No.114, F Block, JJ Colony,Sec-3, Dwaraka, Delhi 5. Deepak @ Seetu S/o Jagdish R/o H.No.157A, Gali No.5,Nathupura, Burari, Delhi 6. Raju Mishra S/o Awadh Narayan Mishra R/o C-84, GaliNo.7, Nathupura, Burari, Delhi and 7.Naveen S/o Ram Asra R/o A-1/250-C, PaschimVihar, Delhi and busted gang of cheats involved in cheating with the SBI creditcard holder by calling them and procuring the confidential credit/debit carddetails on pretext of re-issue of their cards. After procuring the confidentialdetail they used to purchased mobile phones by online transactions frommerchants namely Amazon, Snapdeal and others. One iPhone6 mobile phonepurchased from Snapdeal Ltd. by this way of cheating was recovered on the spotand 30 forged Aadhar card, 43 mobile SIM cards, 10 mobile phones and 5 laptopsand 2 computers being used in the commission of crime have also been recoveredfrom their possession. INGREDIENTS ANDTEAM: On 28.05.16, complainant Sh J.P.Sundriyal, Assistant Manager, Fraud Control and Investigations, SBI, Delhiappeared in PS Burari along with one person namely Raju Mishra S/o AwadhNarayan Mishra R/o C-84, Gali No.7, Nathupura, Burari, Delhi and produced hiscomplaint along with the recovered packed parcel containing Apple I-phone 6stating that this mobile phone has been purchased by using the credit carddetails of one customer namely Parag Ramchandra Khond of SBI bank. While thesaid parcel was being delivered to Raju Mishra by courier, he was caught redhanded while accepting the delivery. Accordingly the case FIR No.261/16Dt.28.05.16 u/s 419/420/468/471/120B IPC was registered. To bust the entire gang, team ofdedicated police officers comprising of SI Ajay Yadav, SI Surjeet, HC VinodWalia, 630/N, HC Chander Pal No.251/N, Ct Sandeep 2055/N, Ct Ajay 707/N, Ct Sandeep2005/N, Ct Parul 1584/N was constituted in the leadership of Insp. SatyabirSingh, SHO/Burari and overall supervision of Sh. Satish Sharma, ACP/CivilLines. The team started interrogating accused Raju Mishra who disclosed that healong with his gang members Akash, Pardeep Bhagat, Rameshpal, Raju Madrasi andDeepak @ Seetu are involved in this crime. He further disclosed that he used towork at a call center from where he got an idea to procure the confidentialcredit/debit card details by tele-calling the bank customers. He opened a callcenter in Sant Nagar, Burari with his friend Pradeep Bhagat and Ramesh Pal andhired three more persons namely Akash, Raju Madrasi and Naseeb. Ramesh Pal’sfriend Ashwani arranged the data of 2750 SBI credit/debit card holders. Ashwaniand Pradeep also arranged the SIM cards, mobiles and other infrastructure inthe call center. From this call center, they used to call the bank Card holdersover their mobile phone and procure their confidential card details on pretextof re-issue of their cards. After getting the details they purchased the mobilephones by online transactions using the confidential card details. Accused RajuMishra used to forge Aadhar Cards. Using these forged Aadhar Cards parcels weregot delivered at different addresses of Burari and adjoining areas. Afterreceiving the parcels they used to sell the mobile phones in Gaffar Market,Karol Bagh through Deepak @ Seetu. Other Accused persons Akash, Deepak,Rameshpal, Pradeep and Naveen were arrested at instance of accused Raju duringfurther investigation. Till now it is disclosed that they have madeapproximately 194 online transactions from different online merchantsthrough this way of cheating. PROFILE OFACCUSED PERSONS: 1. Akash S/o Sh. Rishipal R/o H.No.154, F Block, JJColony, Sec-3, Dwarka, Delhi. 2. PardeepKumar S/o Sh. Ashok Bhagat R/o D-254, DCM Colony, Nathupura, Delhi. Age-26years. An MBA, running a separate firm by the name of SCARLET MACAW FACILITYPvt. Ltd. 3. Ramesh Pal S/o Sh. Prem Raj R/o WZ-3359, RajouriGarden, Delhi. 4. Raju Madrasi S/o Sh Soma Sundaram R/o H.No.114,F Block, JJ Colony, Sec-3, Dwarka, Delhi. 5. Deepak @ Seetu S/o Jagdish R/o H.No.157A, GaliNo.5, Nathupura, Burari, Delhi. 6. Raju Mishra S/o Awadh Narayan Mishra R/o C-84,Gali No.7, Nathupura, Burari, Delhi. 7. Naveen S/o Ram Asra R/o A-1/250-C, PaschimVihar, Delhi. RECOVERY: 1. 43mobile SIM cards 2. 30forged Aadhar Cards 3. 5laptops and 2 Computers 4. 10mobile phones 5. OneApple iPhone6 mobile phone purchased from Snapdeal Ltd. by this way of cheating 6. AroundRs. 7.50 lakhs in accused’s bank account CASES WORKED OUT: Six cases of different stateshave already been worked out as stated below and many more are beingregistered. S. No Case FIR No. and Sections of Law Police Station State 1 FIR No. 147/16 U/s 419/420 IPC and 66(C)(D) I.T. Act PS Cyber Crime, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh 2 FIR No. 1233/16 U/s 419/420 IPC and 66(C)(D) I.T. Act PS Baliapattam, Distt. Kannur Kerela 3 FIR No. 245/16 U/s 420 IPC and 66 (D) I.T. Act PS Arlowa, Vishakapatnam Andhra Pradesh 4 FIR No. 00/16 U/s 419/420 IPC (Zero FIR) PS Naya Nagar, Distt. Thane Maharashtra 5 FIR No. 78/16 U/s 420 IPC PS Guidavada, Distt. Krishna Andhra Pradesh 6 FIR No. 66/16 U/s 419/420 IPC and 66(C)(D) I.T. Act PS Cyber Crime, Distt. Cyberabad Telangana (Madhur Verma) IPS Dy. Commissioner of Police North District, Delhi

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