Regarding my claim reimbursement

Wed, 06 Dec 2017 - INSURANCE - Bihar
Vinod Kumar singh person
Bihar State
Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company
Unsatisfactory Services dispute
Compensation claim
Complaint Details

<p>Sir&nbsp;</p>rn<p>Good morning&nbsp;</p>rn<p>With submissively &amp; humbly request you that I am vinod Kumar singh At &nbsp;&amp; P.O. VIDYADH&Agrave;R WARD NO.6 &nbsp;District Kh&agrave;garia have taken a Medical policy from Indian Overseas Bank Kh&agrave;garia of Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company which Member Id is EA00571745 &amp; &nbsp;Policy 140700/12001/2017/A005376/PE00448333 policy covered from 00.00 hrs.on 10 February 17 to 24.00 hrs.on 09 February 17.</p>rn<p>Sir i was injured when a iron rod intersects in my R.H.S.foot on Dto..24.05.2017. After injury I was first trated by Janani Healt care Kh&agrave;garia and he refereed to Patna for b&egrave;tter treatment. in patna &nbsp;i had admitted in Sanjivan Bone &amp; joint Hospital Patna on 25th May 2017 Where an operation had been done by the doctors on 02 June 2017 and after operation I was continue hospitalized for 36 days. Sanjivan Bone &amp; joint hospital has discharged me on dt.29 June 2017 with suggestion for 3 months complete bed rest. After discharge by the hospital I claimed for Rs.97011.00 with submitted all bills tO Indian Overseas Bank Branch kh&agrave;garia. The bank sent all required documents and bills to Apollo Munich health Insurance Company Gurgaon Haryana. I had got a letter by post on Dt.23 October 17 from Apollo Munich health Insurance had asked me provide some documents which asked follows&nbsp;</p>rn<p>1. Certificate for any sign of alcohol or drugs influence in the time of injury from the doctor who had been consulted first after the injury.&nbsp;</p>rn<p>2. Detailed discharge summary on the hospital letter head specifying details like DoA DoD, Line of treatment, Advice of discharge.&nbsp;</p>rn<p>3. Films of x ray taken before and after the procedure.&nbsp;</p>rn<p>4. Testing doctor certificate regarding detailed circumstances of the injury&nbsp;</p>rn<p>&nbsp;</p>rn<p>55.Treating doctor certificate regarding indication for 36 days hospitalization.&nbsp;</p>rn<p>Sir abovesaid matter I had met and t&agrave;ken certificate from doctor and sent to Apollo Munich health Insurance Company Gurgaon Haryana by speed post on 13th November 17. In this regard i h&agrave;ve sent more than 20 mails to company and request him please reimbursement of my claim but result are nothing else. When i enquired or queried our claim reimbursement the behaviour of company officer are rough &amp; sear. I think company has derebaretly pending our claim reimbursement &amp; harassed me economically &amp; mentally.&nbsp;</p>rn<p>Therefore you are requested that please filed a case for my claim reimbursement against Apollo Munich health Insurance Company Gurgaon Haryana and Indian Overseas Bank Branch kh&agrave;garia also which I shall prayed for ever.&nbsp;</p>rn<p>Yours faithfully&nbsp;</p>rn<p>Vinod Kumar singh&nbsp;</p>rn<p>S/O Sri Ramdev singh&nbsp;</p>rn<p>VIDYADH&Agrave;R WARD NO.6 District Kh&agrave;garia&nbsp;</p>rn<p>Mobile No 9431417962</p>


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