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Fri, 22 Apr 2016 - MANUFACTURER - Jharkhand
Harassed Consumer person
Jharkhand State
Amul Company
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Hi Team, I regularly purchase Amul Gold milk packets from a Dairy Store below my residence building. It has been twice, that I have noticed small piece of cattle's hair in the milk when I was boiling it. When it happened first time, I identified a small piece of hair which seemed to be of any cattle but then I thought of the brand name "Amul" and assumed that it could be my mistake. I assumed, it might be of any family members or might be the utensil was not properly cleaned. But after an alternate day, I again noticed a small hair piece. This time I was sure that this not of any family members, and utensil was also properly cleaned. It was a cattle hair piece. Team, please have some quality checks on your deliverable. There are thousands of people who use your products without having any doubts on them. I did not collect any proof during these two incidents so I am not attaching any proof over here. But if it happens next time, surely I'll come up with all the proofs


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