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Fri, 22 Apr 2016 - AIRLINES - West Bengal
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I am presently having a very bad experience with Air Deccan.Last friday, (08/07/2015) I have tried to book return e-ticket for Hyderabad - Kolkata (21st October, 2015) and Kolkata- Hyderabad (23rd october). I made the payment through the the Direct Debit gateway of ICICI Bank. But after that step of payment, no confirmation screen came. I later called up and cheked with the Call Centre, No booking was made in my name on those flights (since I had no option, I had to book a new ticket through the call centre at an elevated price.. but thats beyond the point) . When I checked the with bank I saw that the money (same amount) has got deducted twice against the booking that I tried to make.I had repeadtedly called up the call centre (Andhra Pradesh and spoken with two ladies called Nydile and Sruti. They took down the details and said that they would forward it to Accounts department. They gave me the number of their accounst department in Bangalore No body picks up the phone there.Meanwhile one amount has got refunded but the other amount of 1442 has still not been refunded.I finally got hold of some numbers in Bangalore .. .. they are extremely rude .. very rude ..I call them up everyday and argue .. nothing happens ..They have finally refunded the money .. finally ..someone called me up and said that the amount have been refunded ...25/11/15Currently facing another problem with them. Cancelled a return ticket worth 4200 from the call centre about a month back. The lady told that its done, money refunded. Now I see that it has not been.. Called up their Bangalore centre once again .. they say something will happen in 5 working days. Lets see....


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